Designed by Leon Ransmeier

AGL Table Group

Oblique view of a rectangular AGL table with a light veneer top and white aluminum base.

A sculptural form, an efficient structure

A white rectangular AGL table, viewed from the long side.

AGL Table Group

Inviting and intelligent, Leon Ransmeier’s AGL Table Group exemplifies Herman Miller’s intent to provide newly commissioned designs with dynamic performance and timeless quality. Highly considered in shape, proportion, and scale, AGL minimizes material usage—an approach that draws from the efficiencies of aeronautical design.

Highly considered in terms of shape, proportion and scale, the AGL Table Group minimises material usage — an approach that draws from the efficiencies of aeronautical design. Multiple size and material options make it suitable for use in any environment in need of an elegant surface.

Design Story

AGL’s versatility lies in its adaptable form and robust material offerings. Rising 74 cm from the floor, literally “Above Ground Level”, AGL affords a pleasurable space in the home for working or dining, whilst serving as an elegant option for an executive desk or a large dining, meeting or conference surface.

The elemental shapes of AGL’s surfaces take on a warming presence with a choice of veneer in white ash, santos palisander, walnut or ebony. Highly durable Formcoat in white or folkstone grey completes the surface options. AGL tables in all their surface and size variations are intended for indoor use.

Partial view of a rectangular AGL table with a dark veneer top.

Anticipating guests’ needs

AGL excels as a surface for hosting people, whether they’re dining, meeting, or working together. To make people comfortable, the table’s designer incorporated a subtly tapered edge around the perimeter of every AGL surface. Set at a welcoming angle, the edge invites collaboration and encourages people to be at ease.

AGL’s base is composed of aluminum, chosen for its lightness and because it permits a sculptural form that meets the strength requirements for large surfaces. Bases, available in white, black, or polished aluminum, feature glides that adjust from the top, allowing for easy leveling on uneven surfaces, even after the table is installed.

A black AGL table used as a dining table in a contemporary residential setting.

“The table edge shape is about making people comfortable.”

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