New heights

The Aeron Stool takes our iconic chair to greater heights, pairing with higher work surfaces, tables and countertops. While the stool’s iconic form has remained largely unchanged, it’s been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work. The stool offers the same ergonomic excellence as the Aeron Chair, including adjustable PostureFit SL and the comprehensive support of 8Z Pellicle suspension material.


Close view of the 8Z Pellicle suspension material on the back of a light gray Aeron Stool.

Get into the zones

Pellicle, the innovative, elastomeric suspension of the original Aeron, eliminated circulation-restricting pressure points and stretched the boundaries of material design. 8Z Pellicle pushes the material to a whole new zone: eight of them. Across the seat and back, eight latitudinal zones of varying tension – tightest at the edges and more forgiving where the body makes contact – envelop the sitter to deliver increased comfort and ergonomic support.

Close view of the suspension mesh on the back of a black Aeron Stool.

Stay cool

By doing away with foam and fabric, Aeron solved one of prolonged sitting’s biggest predicaments: the build-up of heat and humidity close to the body. Pellicle allows air, body heat and water vapour to pass through the seat and backrest to help maintain even and comfortable skin temperatures. While many chairs have adopted mesh as a way to deliver some performance, there’s only one Pellicle.

Close view of the PostureFit SL back support on the rear side of a black Aeron Stool.

A stance worth backing

If an active body is at its strongest when standing, chest open and pelvis tilted slightly forward, it makes sense that you would be better off sitting like that too. And that’s exactly where PostureFit SL comes in. Adjustable, individual pads stabilise the sacrum and support the lumbar region of the spine to mimic that healthful standing position.

The wide, treaded footring on an Aeron Stool, viewed from above.

The Aeron Stool offers unique features and user benefits not typically found in performance work stools. The footrest platform, which, at 6 cm wide, is three times wider than the typical footring, was specifically designed to provide a large, comfortable area to support your feet. This reduces the pressure and resulting discomfort that’s usually created with a smaller footring.

Profile view of the wide, treaded footring on an Aeron Stool.

When you adjust the seat height of the Aeron Stool, the footrest moves with the seat so that you don’t have to worry about having to readjust the footrest height as well. Treads along the footrest also ensure that sitting down in and getting up out of the stool feel comfortable and easy.


Overview view of a disassembled black Aeron Chair, showing the individual components.

Environmentally sensitive design

Aeron was designed with sensitivity to its impact on the interior environment in which it will be placed and the broader environment that provides the resources for its manufacture.

Profile view of a light gray Aeron Stool.

Health-positive design

With Aeron, the designers proved that a chair didn’t just have to sit there, and you didn’t just have to sit in it; it could actually be better for you.

Oblique and profile views of two black Aeron Stools.

Cross-performance design

For individuals sitting in the Aeron Stool, cross-performance design means the stool accommodates a wide range of activities and postures people adopt while working – from intense forward-facing focus to relaxed contemplative recline. For designers and organisations, cross-performance makes the stool suitable for a wide array of workplace settings.