Port Storage System

Supporting transitions between home and work, and between work zones
Port Storage System with small white and gray lockers and double hinge doors against a wall.

Make it Personal

Now, lockers and cabinets are where we keep our smartphones and laptops when we're not using them; our boards for that big presentation; our running shoes for that shift from gym to office; and our high heels for that shift from workday to night.

A close-up view of a USB inside a locker.
Port Storage System with a wooden frame and black shelves behind an Atlas height-adjustable desk with an Aeron Chair.

More than Storage

Daily life is full of transitions like these, and this is where Port comes in. Port acts as a transit point between home and office, between office and event, and between different zones and floors within the workplace, making travel to any destination - inside or outside the office - that much simpler.

A close-up of a RFID lock as an option.

See Port Storage System at work.

Port was designed with transitions in mind - between home and work, and between areas of the office. It's a locker system, and yet so much more than this. Find out how this versatile, future-ready system facilitates the movements that make up our daily lives.

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