Byne System

Byne System with wooden Sylvian legs in a 4-seat bench setting, with screens and a planter box.

Express Your Brand, Your Way

Byne System is an all-in-one office solution that fosters freedom in the workspace. Byne merges the best aspects of four of our most beloved desks with one new design for a product that helps you plan your space for optimal flexibility.

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Liberate Your Workspace

Bring flexibility, freedom, and personality to the office with Byne System. Merging four existing Herman Miller desks into one highly configurable workplace solution, Byne lets you choose every aspect of your workplace setting. Byne can be specified with a combination of elements derived from Imagine, Layout, Optimis, and Arras – along with Sylvain, our new wooden leg style.

Byne System in 4- and 6-seat clusters with Arras legs, next to Aeron Chairs, Cosm Chairs, and CK Storage.

Supporting Change

Byne System facilitates agility thanks to a series of readily interchangeable modular elements. It can be configured to meet the needs of different people and different organizations, from tech to the finance industry and everything in between.

A detailed shot of a Byne System bench with Imagine legs and gray screens.

Choose Your Screen

Specify Byne System with a number of different screen types, or go screen-less for a collaborative setting. Choose from desk-up screens, suspended screens, lateral screens, toolbar mounted screens and modesty screens in fabric, glass, or acrylic. Framed or frameless screens, plus pinnable or tackable surfaces, are also available.

Byne System with Optimis legs and a round-cornered worktable in maple finish, with Mirra 2 chairs.

Instant Power Access

Byne System puts power within easy reach thanks to recessed power pockets that keep the look seamless and uncluttered. Byne’s power channels cater to future tech needs by offering ample space for cables and enabling regional power outlet variation.


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Introducing Byne System

One system with multiple looks, Byne combines interchangeable modular elements for maximum flexibility.

Byne System featuring the supervisor-plus end extension with Imagine legs, accompanied by ergonomic Verus Chairs.

Design Story

We are humans at work. To remain relevant, the office must support our diverse ways of working. Byne System is our answer to the growing need for customizable office solutions.

Read the Design Story

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