Designed by Jeffrey Bernett, Nicholas Dodziuk, and Joey Ruiter

Canvas Private Office

A Canvas Private Office with light wood storage, a height-adjustable desk, and a black Aeron office chair.

Build privacy within your office

Canvas Private Office creates inclusive, enclosed workspaces that give people the space and tools to get work done, whether that’s a quiet place away from the buzz or a brainstorming workshop. Private Office can flex to suit any culture, from traditional to progressive, with materials that harmonize with the rest of Canvas Office Landscape.

A dark wood Canvas Private Office wall with writable panel storage hutch and overhead storage.

Enclose Space with Style

Canvas Private Office offers clean lines with precise arrangements for work that requires enclosure—from solo tasks that need focus to collaborative activities that can get a little noisy.

A close-up image of a light wood storage tower containing books, boxes, and a hanging coat.

Flexibility for Your Floorplan

Shape an office that’s fine-tuned to people’s needs with Canvas Private Office. Create a wide range of spaces by using storage and panels, without the need for new construction.

A light wood Canvas Private Office with a dark grey Cosm office chair and a Canvas Wall workstation and grey velvet Eames Lounge Chair in the foreground.

Works Well with Others

Canvas Private Office fits perfectly into the Canvas family, with heights that are consistent across products and in complementary materials and finishes. The entire Canvas family blends seamlessly with Herman Miller’s broad range of office and ancillary furnishings.

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See Canvas Private Office in Action

See just how Private Office helps you enclose your space with style, free up your floor plan, and complement other Canvas products.


Work surfaces, storage, boundaries, and more. See what makes up Canvas Private Office.

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Meet the Family

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Canvas Office Landscape

See how Canvas Office Landscape can work for you.

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