Ollin is a simple and powerful way to support you and your devices

Profile view of an adjustable Ollin Monitor Arm supporting a monitor at an extremely low angle.

Easy support for the lightest devices

Ollin can support a range of monitors and laptops weighing up to 20 pounds. You won’t need any tools to adjust the arm because it has an integrated thumbwheel adjuster, making it a hassle-free solution for screens of various weights.

An adjustable Ollin Monitor Arm supports an open laptop computer.
Profile view of an adjustable Ollin Monitor Arm positioning a monitor at three different heights.

Adjustable for many needs

With Ollin’s wide range of motion- horizontally 26.5 inches and vertically 13.5 inches-you can position your screen at a comfortable spot based on where you're sitting or standing, bringing the monitor to you and not the other way around. Ollin's tilt range, up to 80 degrees rearward and 10 degrees forward, prevents your neck from craning and your shoulders from hunching-creating a healthier posture that can lead to increased productivity. The range of motion and tilt range are also ideal for touch screens and helpful for those with progressive lenses.

Power incorporated

Ollin’s three-point cable management system helps avoid clutter and keep cables organized. With the addition of the Flo Power Hub, you can use three convenient USB ports, including one designed specifically for fast charging, for easy, convenient power within arm’s reach.

Profile view of a monitor supported by an Ollin Monitor Arm that’s connected to  a Flo Power Hub with three USB ports.