A tool for building trust

Intent combines an all-purpose table with an integrated wall system. Together, they help caregivers in exam rooms use all sorts of technology naturally—what’s in use now and what’s likely to come next—so it becomes a tool for talking with patients and keeping the focus on the conversation. This improves the experience for everyone and builds trust.

The mobile Intent Solution table pulled away from the wall unit to facilitate interaction between caregiver and patient.
The mobile Intent Solution table pulled away from the wall unit to facilitate interaction between caregiver and patient.

Better experiences for everyone

With Intent, we use a design that incorporates ergonomics to improve the experiences of caregiver and patient alike. Intent’s table is height adjustable and mobile, so caregivers can place it where they prefer and where it’s most helpful in communicating with a patient. The waterfall edge is easy on the forearms. Convenient handles make it easy to move. Using the table with technology lets caregivers position it to foster face-to-face communication. They never have to turn away from a patient during a consultation. The table’s distinctive shape also invites caregiver and patient to gather around it. Cords are kept out of the way when using technology, so the space is safer and looks better.

Enabling the digital, honoring the patient

Intent supports all sorts of technology, from desktops and monitors to personal devices like laptops and tablets. Given that flexibility, it’s a safe bet that it can handle digital tools that come along in the future. More important, Intent puts technology in its place right now—as an aid to communicating with patients, not the center of attention. As caregivers connect to more tools and technology, Intent helps them stay focused on their patients.

A tablet computer sits atop a mobile Intent Solution table, which is detached from the companion wall unit.
A mobile Intent Solution table nested together with the companion wall unit to create a peninsula surface.

All-purpose design for all sorts of uses

We designed the shape of Intent’s table to free it from any one specific use so that it can fulfill many functions. On its own, the table is a place for a caregiver to work or a surface for meeting with a patient. Since the table has no dedicated function, it can handle technology or other analog items equally well. One edge of the table and the wall unit’s shelf are complementary, so they nest together to create a peninsula for extra work or meeting area. The table also has two edges that form a 90-degree right angle, so it can fit neatly into the corner of a room for efficient use of space. Beyond the exam room, the table makes an inviting place for caregivers to use as a place to touch down for a short time, at seated or standing height.