Storage that puts people first

Mora is made to foster better clinical relationships—purposefully designed to remedy basic storage problems and to enhance interactions and relationships between caregiver and patient. And while it solves for these problems, its elegant aesthetic also works hard—and beautifully—in other settings, across the healthcare landscape.

Wall-mounted Mora System clinical casework, showing the precision fit and finish.

A detailed approach to casework

Mora’s design goes beyond built-in casework. Every detail on each component fits well, the result of Herman Miller’s precision manufacturing.

Close view of the edge detail on a Mora System casework component.

We use lasers to make edges on Mora casework consistent, durable, and minimal for a nearly seamless look.

Close view of the Mora System's integral backsplash and sink.

We include an integral backsplash and sink, beautiful and practical additions to any infection prevention program.

Close view of a Mora System backsplash flush to the wall.

Mora fits flush to the wall for a clean, architectural look.

A beautiful, intuitive way to organize

Mora provides personalized storage choices. Stow supplies that need to be readily accessible and conceal less important items.

Wall-mounted Mora System clinical casework, including an overhead glove dispenser, sink, and printer compartment.