Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

OE1 Mobile Easel

Red, grey, light blue and dark blue OE1 Mobile Easels with fabric and marker boards.

A light and movable collaboration board for agile teams

The OE1 Mobile Easel enables agile collaboration wherever teams want to work. Its whiteboards and tackable surfaces double as movable wall boundaries and work in tandem with the OE1 Wall Rail and Board. Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

Grey OE1 Agile Wall with grey OE1 Huddle Table, grey OE1 Mobile Easel and marker board and dark grey Cosm Chairs.

Share Ideas and Define Spaces

The OE1 Mobile Easel helps individuals and teams collaborate quickly—wherever they may be. Its casters let people roll them easily and lock them in place, creating impromptu project walls as well as makeshift boundaries.

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Take Your Work with You

Project boards travel seamlessly between the OE1 Mobile Easel, the OE1 Agile Wall, and the OE1 Wall Rail and Board. So teams can collaborate here, there, and everywhere in between.


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The OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is optimized essentials for agility. Designed to help people experiment with space—and change rapidly for the future.

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Design Story

While designing OE1, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin deconstructed the traditional systems approach to office furniture. In the process, they created an agile collection that’s ready for action in a changing world of work.

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