Designed by Brian Alexander

Renew Link

A Renew Link standing desk system with white work surfaces, blue fabric divider panel, and blue Mirra 2 office chairs. One of the eight desks is raised to standing height.

A standing desk system for health and focus

Renew Link makes standing desk systems better, helping organizations condense their real estate footprint while improving employee health and focus. By accommodating both sitting and standing work postures, Renew Link brings a new level of individual choice to shared work environments.

Two groupings of Renew Link standing desk systems with blue Mirra 2 office chairs, white work surfaces, and blue fabric divider panels. Two of the nine desks are raised to standing height.

Designed to Decrease Distractions

Sit-to-stand desks placed across from each other put you in direct eye contact with the person opposite you, increasing the likelihood that you’ll get distracted and need to refocus—which can take up to 25 minutes to do. Renew Link’s trapezoid desktops position people at shallow angles, creating open sightlines for fewer distractions and better focus.

A close-up view of a Renew Link standing desk system with work surface power access and under-surface cable management.

Technology Fits Right In

Renew Link routes power and data from the floor all the way to the work surface, moving with the desk as you change from sitting to standing postures. Cables are managed and stowed neatly out of sight, yet are still easily accessible.

A Renew Link standing desk system with blue Mirra 2 office chairs, blue fabric divider panels, and lower personal storage. Two of the six desks are raised to standing height.

Ergonomic from Top to Bottom

This system of sit-to-stand desks is designed to work for your health and with your body. Go from sitting to standing and back again with the gentle push of an intuitive LED control paddle, and move freely in your personal space with wide-set, angled desk legs and smooth, seamless surfaces.


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Brian Alexander

Observing how easily people working in benching setups could be distracted—often by eye contact with the person across from them—designer Brian Alexander set out to create a desk system that prioritizes privacy and focus.

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