Designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Magis

Magis Bombo Stools

Three black Magis Bombo Stools, viewed from various angles.

It changed the idea of “A stool”

Profile view of a black Magis Bombo Stool.

Magis Bombo Stools

So futuristic that it was used on the sets of two Star Trek television series and the movie Lost in Space, the original Bombo Stool changed the whole idea of how a stool could look. Stefano Giovannoni’s gorgeous design achieved immediate critical and commercial success. The stool’s base is the foundation for an injection-molded plastic seat. Available in a range of matte colors, the seat swivels 360 degrees.

The Bombo Stool was so popular that Giovannoni developed two variations of the original. The Bombo Special Stool features a glossy-finish, rotational-molded plastic seat in a selection of bold colors. Or for another way to make a statement, choose the Al Bombo Stool with a seat of polished die-cast aluminum and a base of stainless steel. Both offer the same convenient footrest as the original.

“I have managed to bridge the gap between elitist design and design for the mass market.”

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