Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Magis

Magis Stool_One

White, black, and red Magis Stool_One stackable stools lined up in a row.

Stunning and stackable

Profile view of a red Magis Stool_One stackable stool.

Magis Stool_One

Like Chair_One, Stool_One combines striking looks and real comfort. And it brings the same futuristic look into your environment. Three legs support the cantilevered seat.

Available in two sizes—29.1 and 33.1 inches, Stool_One is easily stackable and has a range of leg finishes including aluminum, polished aluminum, and anodized black. Stools with aluminum legs come with a red or white seat, and those with black legs with a black seat. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

“I wanted to use the least material to create the most product.”

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