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Banqueta Setu

Vista frontal de uma banqueta Setu com braços fixos, estrutura em cinza-claro, base em liga prateada e suspensão em cinza-claro.

Effortless comfort, anywhere

The Setu stool's function and contours were shaped by the changing world around us. We work collaboratively in a variety of less formal spaces, moving around more and more throughout the day. As we’re expected to work anywhere and everywhere, we need furniture that can keep up. Enter Setu.

Imagem aproximada com vista lateral de uma cadeira Setu com braços em azul Nightfall.

Bends and flexes with you

Setu features the Kinematic Spine, which uses two types of polypropylene to control resistance and support your weight as you recline. Without requiring adjustments, it bends and flexes with every movement—responding to your body’s natural movements and providing the same experience from chair to chair.

Imagem aproximada do material de suspensão em uma cadeira Setu cinza.

Seamless comfort

The spine works in concert with the breathable, temperature-neutral, and durable Intercept suspension—originally a Cosm innovation—for seamless comfort wherever you are. The upholstered Setu features a C-Layer Suspension that works with a variety of textiles, adding a degree of structural support to the fabric.

Vista traseira de uma cadeira Setu com braços fixos, moldura branca de estúdio, base em liga prateada e suspensão em marrom-cacau.

Every molecule counts

Setu's dematerialized, environmentally sensitive design uses less material—only 18 pounds for the multipurpose chair—to support more people, up to 300 pounds. It includes only one adjustment, and its bumper protects and enhances the chair's aesthetic. That sole adjustment controlling the height lets anyone who uses Setu
to make one quick change, experience ergonomic support, and get to work.

Seis banquetas Setu ao redor de uma mesa em um espaço de trabalho colaborativo.

A minimal aesthetic

From the graceful curve of its ribbon arms to the durable, silver alloy base, Setu’s minimal design aesthetic and customizable nature let it blend in or serve as a focal point. With its dipped-in-color option—one hue from top to bottom—Setu complements both a variety of spaces and other seating options like its fellow Studio 7.5-designed Cosm Chair.


Dimensions, materials, details, and available options that make up the Setu Stool.

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Explore the entire Setu family, which includes the chair, side chair, and stool.

Um grupo de cinco cadeiras Setu, incluindo uma cadeira de visitante Setu com braços azuis, uma cadeira Setu com braços brancos e suspensão cinza, uma cadeira Setu sem braços em azul-claro, uma banqueta Setu em cinza-claro e uma cadeira estofada Setu com braços em cinza.
Os componentes individuais de uma cadeira de escritório Setu desmontada.

Design Story

The story behind most task chairs goes something like this: start with an idea and shape it into the world around you. The Berlin-based Studio 7.5 flipped the script, letting the world around us shape Setu.

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