Genus Tables

A group of two Genus conference tables, one with a Y leg and one with column base.


More than ever, workspaces need to be built for change. Remote work and working from home are on the rise, and business cultures and needs are ever-evolving. Some developments can be planned for, while others can’t – whether planned or sudden, however, the workplace must be able to adapt to them, and fast.

An office setting featuring a Genus flip-top tables surrounded by black Sayl office chairs and Public office landscape.

Keep It Cohesive

In line with its adaptable, work-anywhere mindset, the Genus family is streamlined, making its tables the perfect companions for any space, no matter what the organizational aesthetic.

A training room setting featuring a Genus flip-top tables with Caper stacking chairs.

Go Mobile

Genus family is the Flip-Top Rectangular Table. Set on casters, this table is ready to shift from space to space, and from spontaneous interaction to formal presentation, in an instant.

A close-up view of power cables in a Genus conference table with a white column base.

Power Up

The Genus Round Table comes with optional cable management, ensuring there’s power right when and where it’s needed. Plus it’s built into the metal column base, so wires stay out of sight and workspaces stay clutter-free.

An open area setting featuring Genus round tables surrounded by Eames Molded Plastic Chairs and Chadwick Modular Seating.

Work Anywhere

With its intuitive flip-top table surface, this is the vital piece every office needs. Simply pull the lever and the table top flips to vertical in seconds, making it easy to transport the table wherever it’s needed in the office.


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