Catena Office Landscape

Three Catena Office Landscape workstations in a linear honeycomb configuration and light gray screens.

Creating flexible workspaces that cater to people and the way they work

Catena is a versatile partitioning system that can be configured and reconfigured with ease. Meaning chain? or connected series? in Italian, Catena was inspired by the need for a lightweight connective system that supports the agile workplace of the future.

Catena Office Landscape workstations with white legs, light wood surfaced, and glass add-on screens accompanied by Sayl Chairs. Port Storage System is featured in the background.

Optimize Your Space

With global office rents set to rise significantly in the next few years, businesses are facing a new challenge: how can we fit the same activities in a smaller footprint? It’s Catena’s mission to solve this problem. At just 60mm compared to the usual 100mm, it’s ultra-thin, minimizing its footprint and maximizing usable space.

Catena Office Landscape components form three small soft seating spaces enclosed with gray privacy panels.

Infinite Possibilities

More than a divider, Catena’s skinny spine paves the way for even more flexibility. Unlike traditional skeleton systems, it’s not simply linear. It can be configured in myriad ways, and applied across the office for myriad tasks and to suit the full spectrum of user behavior.

An overhead view of Catena Office Landscape workstations in both an S-Shape and group honeycomb configurations.

Workplace Freedom

Many of us are looking for the freedom to work how and when we want to. Catena supports this in the context of the office. As a mobile system that isn’t fixed to the floor, it delivers freedom to create distinctive spaces that suit the tasks at hand, without disrupting fire safety regulations, ceiling plans, or lighting distribution.

Catena Office Landscape components form three small soft seating spaces enclosed with glass screens and Ubi Mobile Bag Catch accessories.

Beyond Diversity

Designed to respond to user behavior, Catena is armed with fittings that allow it to turn 90 or 120 degrees. What makes Catena truly unique is its ability to shift from rectangular and grid formations to triangular and honeycomb settings—with ease.

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A line drawing of Catena Office Landscape in a linear honeycomb configuration.


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Optimize Your Space

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Catena Office Landscape workstations with light wood surfaces and gray fabric screens, black Cosm Chairs, and Port Storage System.

Design Story

Catena came to life in response to a real-life problem. A global tech company came to Herman Miller with a challenge: give us a product that’s primed for agility, that readily caters to future wire management needs, and that looks good, too.

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