Lapjack Mobile Technology Support

An open notebook computer positioned at a comfortable viewing angle with the help of Lapjack Mobile Technology Support.

Enhance your viewing angle

A notebook computer positioned at an ergonomic angle with Lapjack Mobile Technology Support, shown with a keyboard and mouse.

Lapjack Mobile Technology Support

Lapjack is strong and light and holds your laptop at the angle you choose; slots in the base let you adjust the height of your screen so that it’s at a comfortable viewing height for your eyes. Use it with a separate mouse and keyboard for a set-up that’s good for your body. It also folds flat for easy travelling.

Preferred viewing angle

Lapjack lets you take the angle for your laptop screen that’s most comfortable for your eyes, and change it as you go. (It folds flat to slip into a briefcase or laptop bag.) Combine a Lapjack with a separate keyboard and mouse and you have a set-up that’s healthy for you as you tap away at home, in a café, down the hall, wherever. Lightweight because it’s made of aluminium, strong for the same reason, Lapjack can handle a laptop that measures up to 36 cm by 28 cm by 5 cm.

Lapjack Mobile Technology Support, folded flat, joins a keyboard and notebook computer in a briefcase.
A woman works in a break area with her notebook computer positioned at eye level thanks to Lapjack Mobile Technology Support.

Design Story

Colebrook Bosson Saunders is a team of international designers and manufacturers of award-winning ergonomic IT products. They believe passionately in design, focusing on creating products that integrate people with technology to increase user comfort, performance and efficiency, thus improving ergonomics in the workplace