Oripura Laptop Stand

Side profile of an open and raised laptop on an Oripura Laptop Stand.

Position your laptop where it’s easier to see, wherever you work

Oripura is a portable, foldable laptop stand that positions your laptop screen where it’s easiest for you to see. In the office, at home, or on the go, this ergonomic laptop stand helps shape a more comfortable work experience.

An open laptop raised to an ergonomic level on an Oriupra Laptop Stand placed on a desk with work tools.

Steps up Your Ergonomics

Oripura reduces eyestrain and stress on the back by raising your laptop so you can see the screen clearly and comfortably. To best support the body and enhance productivity, pair this laptop stand with a separate mouse and keyboard.

Raised and angled view of an open Oripura Laptop Stand placed on top of a worksurface.

Goes along with You

Working anywhere comfortably has never been easier. Lightweight (0.9 pounds/409g) and compact when collapsed, Oripura fits alongside a laptop in the sleeve of a bag or slips neatly into a drawer. Set-up is easy; you can do it without tools. Designed to support laptops up to 16 inches and weighing up to 6.1 pounds/2.8kg and to open to an optimal ergonomic position, Oripura requires no adjustments.

Side view of a monitor arm and screen next to open laptop raised on an Oripura Laptop Stand on top of a worksurface with work tools.

Performs like a Pro

Oripura’s design looks simple, but it works hard. Its open structure prevents your laptop from overheating. Built-in cable management slots help keep your desk tidy. Non-slip slides stabilise your laptop and protect the desk surface from damage. Its white finish is aesthetically compatible with any style. The Oripura Laptop Stand comes with a five-year warranty, and its two component materials are 100 per cent recyclable.


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