Products by BroomeJenkins

Established by designer Barry Jenkins, UK design studio BroomeJenkins works with international clients in the contract and system furniture industry.

Having worked for over 20 years in design consultancy across different business and consumer market sectors, Barry Jenkins established BroomeJenkins as a design business with a special focus on the workplace and the public realm in 2003. This allowed BroomeJenkins to leverage Barry’s experience gained in the design of products, environments, and wayfinding.

“Although design is essentially about ideas, the best results come from the combination of different insights, skills, and opinions. We believe that collaboration between client and designer with a clear objective is essential, but ultimately it is about identifying what the user will value most.”

- Barry Jenkins

The BroomeJenkins team has developed a strategic approach that is informed and appreciates the importance, in design terms, of getting the application and the execution of any product right for the market. This has been central to all the projects we have done with Herman Miller, since we started working with them in 2005. Over that time, we have worked consistently on a wide range of projects and as a result, a valued and productive relationship has developed.

“Each of our clients has a different culture, and it is important that we understand each of them well. Having worked with Herman Miller for a long time, we have been exposed to the detail that is involved to take a project from brief to production. The depth of our involvement with each project has allowed us to appreciate the unique Herman Miller culture, and as a result it is a very fulfilling relationship.”

- Barry Jenkins