Products by Craig Jones Design

Jones & Partners is a dynamic team working out of a workshop and studio in London. Dedicated to challenging convention and then reimagining it, this team of unassuming designers thrives on the challenges of the problem and its resolution through the most appropriate route, not just the conventional one.

The Anywhere case designed for Herman Miller is a perfect example of the studio’s ability to see a problem and then reassess its impact and create an alternative approach. Anywhere was designed as both a response to and a catalyst for change in the workplace. It is a product for carrying and protecting your stuff during your working day. The product’s design utilises two well-established manufacturing techniques (compression and injection moulding) and combines them in an unconventional way to create a new workplace product type.

“The product design process should reduce client risk by asking the right questions at the right time.”

- Craig Jones

As a product, the concept is disarmingly simple. It’s a small case with a hinged lid, but behind that simplicity is a bigger story. The materials selected are light but robust; the product is designed for protection. The case is small enough for many items (phone, tablet, papers, magazines, pens), but not too big to become a case for everything. When you open it up, it becomes an addition to your working space. Used upright, it works like a file box or space divider. Used horizontally, it becomes a pair of narrow pockets stacked one on top of the other.