We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical, legal, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. It is one of our priorities that we continue to work to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our organisation and in our supply chain.

This statement highlights the key steps taken by Herman Miller Limited (referred to as 'Herman Miller') during the 2022/23 financial year to combat modern slavery and human trafficking in our organisation and supply chain.

About Herman Miller
Herman Miller is a designer and manufacturer of office furniture. We are part of the MillerKnoll Group and our ultimate parent company is MillerKnoll, Inc. based in the US.

Our supply chain includes a mixture of UK-based and international companies who provide raw materials, components, complete products and other items required for our business. Some suppliers are part of the MillerKnoll Group and others are independent.

Our values
We believe that conduct matters. It is important to do the right thing. Living with integrity and following a clear and ethical code has created a good business, a great place to work, and a trustworthy investment. That conduct transcends all areas of the business, including how we deal with each other internally and how we deal with customers and our suppliers.

We do not tolerate any form of human trafficking or slavery (including compulsory, forced and child labour) within our business or supply chains. We have Modern Slavery policy in place that underpins this commitment, and we are committed to addressing such issues if they occur.

Our suppliers
Code of conduct
We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to creating a better world with the goals of reducing waste, using resources responsibly, supporting workers' rights and advancing the welfare of its workers and the community.

We have therefore an established Supplier Code of Conduct, which outlines the minimum requirements for establishing and maintaining a supplier relationship with our business. This includes requirements prohibiting slavery and otherwise unacceptable working conditions; for example:

  • not using child or forced labour of any kind;
  • ensuring minimum wage requirements are met or exceeded; and
  • treating employees with dignity and respect.

The Supplier Code of Conduct can be viewed in full online at

The Supplier Code of Conduct, together with our other contractual terms, form the basis of our relationship with 89% of our suppliers. The remaining 11% of suppliers adhere to their own code of conduct.

Supplier audits
We audit on an annual basis all of our suppliers with whom we spend £100,000 or more to ensure that they do not have any unacceptable practices in their business or further down the supply chain. This captured 97% of our suppliers in the last audit period.

A questionnaire is required to be completed by the supplier, and relevant supporting documentation is provided. The response is then reviewed by the supply chain team and any necessary areas followed up with the supplier.

Developments in 2022
We introduced a Supplier Compliance & Review Procedure which was updated in January 2022. This updated Procedure builds upon and enhances our previous supplier on-boarding protocols and processes.

Under the Procedure, we continue to require an on-site audit to be undertaken in relation to new and existing suppliers in accordance with our Supplier Requirement Matrix (subject to the Priority Levels provided thereunder). New and existing suppliers must also agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct and provide evidence of compliance in respect of various matters including those relating to the lawful and sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

Our workforce
We do not engage child, compulsory, slave or forced labour in any part of our business. We continue to ensure, through our dedicated HR teams, that we:

  • treat our workforce with respect and dignity;
  • provide a safe working environment; and
  • pay more than the minimum wage.

We provide training to our workforce so that they understand the rules around preventing modern slavery and are able to spot signs that it is taking place. We rolled out a new Code of Business Conduct and Ethics course during the course of financial year 2023. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics can be viewed in full online at

Looking forward
We strive to continually review and build upon the steps we take to prevent the use of slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains. Our particular focus over the next year will be upon:

  • developing the training courses that we offer to our workforce;
  • continuing to research global risk areas and take them into consideration with regard to our supply chains; and
  • maintaining HR policies, procedures and processes to ensure that they are appropriate and compliant, in all material respects.


Kartik Shethia
President - International Contract
(Director of Herman Miller Limited)