Bound by Herman Miller

Assorted dark and light green Bound Screens mounted on a white Ratio workstation with six worksurfaces, grey Aeron Chairs and OE1 Storage Trolleys, viewed from an angle.

Bringing instant boundary to the office

With an inviting aesthetic and quiet nature, Bound Screens bring a sense of focus and space division to workspaces. Mount them to a row of desks to create an instant boundary, improving the sound and visual quality of your office.

A bright office space with Layout Studio workstations with brown Bound Screens, Cosm Chairs and a brown Bound Mobile Screen in the background.

Create a sense of focus

Bound Screens are the ultimate combination of form and function for your senses. Personalise your screens with a pinnable boundary to block out visual distractions, allowing for better focus in a more serene environment.

An office setting with Ratio workstations with green and grey Bound Screens and black Aeron chairs.

Strike the right note

Available in 30 mm width, with an option for sound absorption, Bound Screens help provide a quieter workplace environment. Bound is remarkably flexible, so you can find the right solution for your space.

A bright office setting with Atlas Office Landscape workstations with light pink Bound Screens, orange Embody Chairs and dark green ColourForm Sofa.

Make a smaller impact

Bound Screens are made from 60 percent recycled content and are 99 percent recyclable – helping your workplace to become more sustainable.


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Bring a sense of focus to the workspace with Bound Screens, a family of desktop-mounted, mobile and freestanding screens that are remarkably flexible.

A wide assortment of Bound Screens in multiple applications and colours, with Cosm, Embody and Zeph chairs.