Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Civic Tables

A large rectangular Civic Table with three cutouts in the surface to access power and data.

A universal table collection

Civic is a comprehensive table collection that lends itself to a wide variety of applications for work, home, and hospitality. The collection includes meeting, conference, café, lounge, and side tables, as well as tables for co-working. Each is available in a variety of heights, shapes, colours, and finishes.

A workshop with cool, calm, refreshing tones and lots of natural light. Swatches are pinned to the boards on the OE1 Wall Rails and at the centre is a standing-height Civic Table with four Lino Stools.

Expressive materials

The design of Civic Tables allows for unique expression and diversity of style while maintaining visual harmony across a space. Civic comes in a breadth of materials and finishes, including wood veneer, providing many avenues for brand expression. When paired with a slim profile edge, premium finishes turn tables into showpieces.

An all black, round Civic Table with a walnut Leeway Chair alongside.

Convenient connectivity

Civic Tables feature tabletop access to power, so connectivity is always within reach. Cables and cords are neatly concealed within the columns and beams. The combination of a clean, calm aesthetic and convenient power enhances focus and supports the way people work today.

A refined video conferencing space with pops of energetic colour and a Civic Table surrounded by six Zeph Chairs.

Modest to mighty

The Civic Table family includes tables in various heights, sizes, and shapes – rectangular, square, round, oval, teardrop, and trapezoid – with options for finishes that range from practical to cultured. Whether you need a table with gravitas for a boardroom or a table with charm for a café, it’s all in the Civic family.


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An oak top Civic Table with a grey Saiba office chair, viewed from above.

Design story

When Sam Hecht and Kim Colin realised there was a need for tables that could deal with customisation and eclecticism, they developed one all-use table base that works without compromising on function, cost, or variety.

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