Nevi Link

Nevi Link Sit-Stand four-desk configuration in white with grey fabric screens and two desks raised to standing height, Lima Monitor Arms and an Aeron Chair.

A cost-effective sit-stand solution

With Nevi Link, a height-adjustable desking system can be a reality for every business. Nevi Link’s pared-back design combines the essentials for sit-stand with our trademark quality and warranty. And by encouraging people to move between postures you are giving them what they need to do their best work, increasing energy and productivity, while protecting your bottom line.

Nevi Link Sit-Stand back-to-back desk configurations in white with grey-coloured fabric screens, Lima Monitor Arms and screens, Oripura Laptop Stand and Verus Chairs.

Ergonomics for Everyone

With the cost-effective Nevi Link, ergonomic work tools are attainable for all. No need to choose between height-adjustable desks, office chairs or accessories – your business can afford all the ergonomic tools your teams need to succeed.

Nevi Link Sit-Stand two-desk configuration in white with a maroon-coloured fabric screen, Lima Monitor Arm and Laptop Mount, two Aeron Chairs and OE1 storage trolleys.

Streamlined Simplicity

Nevi Link’s simplified design makes bringing a sit-stand system to your office straightforward. With a simplified vocabulary and straightforward finish options, Nevi blends in seamlessly with any workspace.

Open plan with Nevi Link Sit-Stand back-to-back desk configurations in black with light-coloured wood work surfaces, grey screens, Ollin Monitor Arms, Mirra 2 Chairs, and lounge furniture in the background.

Invest in Your People

Using Nevi Link’s economical design means you have more to invest in your whole workspace. From cosy corners and cafés to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, Nevi Link can help you to deliver the best in-work experience for your people.


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Take a Stand for Movement

How sit-to-stand postures can benefit people
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