Making benches better

The nature of work is rapidly changing. We asked Tim Wallace, designer of Abak Environments and Atlas Office Landscape, to propose a bench design that reflects that change. Drawing on our long history of people-centred design, Wallace and Herman Miller’s development team quickly understood that sometimes people need simple, inexpensive benches tailored to individual needs. Memo offers that new functionality without sacrificing simplicity.

An open work area featuring a Memo meeting table and six Memo benching surfaces with light grey Aeron office chairs.
A white Memo project table with white Sayl office chairs.

Attainable and accessible

As companies move towards a greater use of collaborative space, they need a greater variety of work settings — but without complex, interchangeable systems. Memo’s clever design and rationalised componentry ensures it is a cost-effective desking solution for any workplace, from start-ups to global organisations.

Clear from clutter

Memo’s simple and clean design creates functional and uncluttered workstations. Benches, integrated or free-standing meeting tables, project tables and storage units create a variety of mixed spaces. Screen heights in different styles and materials add personality. Screen-attached work tools, pin boards, whiteboards and shelves come in a wide range of finishes to add style and individuality.

Adjacent Memo collaboration and work surfaces served by white Keyn and Sayl chairs with blue seats.