Flagship Spaces

Flexible and desirable spaces designed to support distributed work

Bristol & Manchester

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Case Study

Case Study: Flagship Spaces

Flagship Spaces is bringing to market a collection of flexible office and co-working spaces which are designed with the new office environment in mind.

At Herman Miller, we’re excited about a future of work that stretches beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment to dynamic workplace networks that offer variety and choice. Sharing our enthusiasm for this journey toward a more distributed model of work is Flagship Spaces, who are set on creating desirable, flexible spaces that foster community and enhance the overall experience of work for their members.

With sites in Manchester, Bristol, Los Angeles, and London in the pipeline, Flagship Spaces is bringing to market a collection of flexible office and co-working spaces which are designed with the new office environment in mind. Intent on growing its offerings of beautifully designed, flexible workspaces around the globe, Flagship makes spaces which are enjoyable and productive, for businesses of all sizes.

A meeting table surrounded by eight AAC 127 Soft Duo Chairs.

“We set out to create solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to thrive with flexible membership options” explains Bruce Good, Flagship’s Director. “We understand the need which business owners and individuals have for more internal space than is typically on offer from traditional ‘co-working’ operators while not giving up on the flexible lease options. Equally, the spaces need to provide all the convenience and amenities to allow business owners to focus on running their enterprises”.

Co-working spaces bring together workers from different companies, in a shared office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through common infrastructure such as office equipment, utilities and hospitality facilities. While co-working isn’t a new concept, the global pandemic has challenged the traditional 9-5 in an office approach to work. Replacing it is an ‘office to everywhere’ concept, where people choose to work in the place that suits them and their work best – which might be an office, at home or somewhere in between. “Co-working will become part of a standard distributed work offer for many employees” says Bertie van Wyk, Herman Miller’s Workplace Specialist. “With easy travel to local spaces and an amazing opportunity to socialise & build community, it is easy to see how co-working can invigorate the experience of work.”

An AAL 81 Chair, Always Lounge Chair and Hue Seating around an occasional table.

To remain relevant, offices of the future will need to become centres of attractions, places to build culture and community, support individual focus, and facilitate intensive teamwork. Good says: “The pandemic has allowed business owners to review their office requirements. What is increasingly clear is that people long to return to a collaborative environment which fosters community, albeit on a flexible basis and with their personal safety as a guiding principle. People yearn for interaction with others – be it colleagues or fellow members.” He continues: “We have dedicated Community Managers in each location who create local partnerships, curated events and business collaboration opportunities. We want our members to feel part of a small, exclusive workplace.”

In addition to creating a community in each of their spaces, Flagship also planned the interior of the space to be flexible while also providing exactly what an office worker might need. “We were conscious that people might be working in our spaces for anything from a few hours to a few days,” says Good. “We felt it was very important to provide ergonomic work solutions in each space and working with Herman Miller and the Dealer, we used furniture from across Herman Miller Group to create settings that encourage connections with an extended network, facilitate interactive collaboration, and support individual work. This all contributes to an enhanced experience of work for our members.”

To learn more about Flagship Spaces, visit the website here.

Ratio Desks in an enclosed space with Sayl Chairs.
Six Always Chairs in blue fabric around a meeting table.

Drawing products from across the Herman Miller Group of companies, each site has a mixture of spaces for its clients - from meeting rooms and breakout spaces to smaller private offices, dedicated desks and communal areas.