Designed by Robert Propst and Jack Kelley

Action Office System

Gray Sayl Chairs at Action Office workstations with pink fabric panels and glass dividing walls.

An enduring response to change

Providing easy and ongoing revision

Product Details

Two Action Office workstations with gray fabric wall panels, white storage units, and blue Mirra 2 ergonomic desk chairs.
White Sayl chairs with green upholstered seats at an Action Office bench with storage pedestals and Action Office private offices nearby.


A first that continues to be relevant and responsive


A long-term, durable, low cost solution

Action Office 120 degree workstations with monitors, task lighting, locker storage, and black Aeron ergonomic desk chairs.

An enduring response to change

Design Story

Mirra 2 ergonomic desk chairs in an open office at Action Office Workstations with red fabric dividing screens and task lighting.