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Mora Carts

Three Mora casework carts, including a supply cart, linen cart, and trash cart in a light ash finish.

Mobile carts for seamless care

Mora Carts integrate beautifully with Mora System casework to help you provide complete, connected services at the point of care.

A Mora casework wall in a light ash finish consisting of one overhead storage cabinet and three lower supply cabinets with a supply cart docked within the casework.

Efficiency that Delivers

Improve efficiency where it really matters: the point of care. Mora Carts provide on-demand supplies and integrate seamlessly with casework, helping caregivers deliver focused, streamlined services to their patients.

Three-quarter, front view of a Mora casework linen cart in a light ash finish.

Flexibility for the Future

Increase flexibiity in patient rooms and exam rooms. Mora Carts allow staff to scale storage up or down according to changing needs, helping to focus on what's important: patients and their families.

A line drawing of a Mora System supply cart.


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Combine with Casework

Mora Carts blend seamlessly with Mora System casework for a clean, consistent look across facilities.

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A Mora casework wall in an ash finish consisting of a 3-drawer storage case, a waredrobe, and a wall panel with a soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser. The white solid surface has an integrated sink and backsplash.