Designed by Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck


A three-sided Overlay space with green tackable fabric on the interior and exterior walls with a table, four stools, and markerboards inside.

Transforming the open floorplan

Overlay is a system of freestanding, movable walls that helps you define your space. Designed to create visual clarity in open-plan offices, Overlay helps people understand where their best work will happen and gives organizations the agility to evolve on the fly.

An Overlay space with markerboards and blue tackable fabric divider surrounding a table and stools.

Unique, Customizable Spaces

Overlay can be outfitted with colors, textiles, laminates, glass, markerboards, or a custom material. You can use media display or writable surfaces to support whatever the day might bring. The interior and exterior sides of an Overlay wall can share the same look or reflect the design of the office on the outside and the messy vibrancy of the work happening on the inside.

Affordable Flexibility

Overlay comes without the cost of prefabricated walls or burden of traditional construction. With just two people and in about two hours, a small application of Overlay can be relocated with minimal disruption to the ecosystem of the office.

Ready for Anything

Use a single boundary as a room divider. A three-sided workspace can become a designated area for impromptu meetings or collaborative work. Or, use four Overlay walls to create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door—that can offer a higher level of visual and acoustical privacy.

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Overlay defines areas to collaborate, catch up, or hunker down and work alone.

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Ayse Birsel and Bibi Seck

The designers found inspiration in urban planning concepts and designed Overlay to create a pattern of integrated but distinctive settings to help people intuitively navigate the workplace.

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