Shift Levels Tables

Shift Levels teardrop table and energy chain.

Shaped for Connection

With uninhibited, unhindered connection comes spontaneity and bright ideas. Shift was built with just this in mind: its distinctive shape makes connections of all kinds possible.

An open collaboration space setting featuring a Shift Levels teardrop table with Setu Stools and CK Storages.

Take a Stand

Moving from sit to stand with ease, Shift supports spine health while facilitating brainstorming and ideation. After all, the best ideas often come when we can move and express ourselves freely.

Shift Levels guitar pick table with freestanding foot and energy chain.

Come Together

When people meet in the workplace, they foster new perspectives, create shared bonds, and problem-solve. In-person collaboration is poised for a post-COVID comeback—and Shift is ready to play host when it does, thanks to a streamlined sit-to-stand system that adjusts to suit the activities at hand.