Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Civic Tables

An oval Civic Table with a walnut top and black legs.

A universal table collection

Civic is a comprehensive table collection that lends itself to a wide variety of applications for work, home, and hospitality. It includes meeting tables, conference tables, cafe tables, lounge tables, collaboration tables, and side tables, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and finishes.

Four green and white Keyn chairs are grouped around a white marble Civic Table. A walnut screen divides the room with a standing height Civic Table positioned by a window.

Inclusive and inviting

The foundation of Civic is a base design for each table which gives harmony, elegance and coherence to a space, allowing them be customized to a wide variety of environments. Accompanied by table tops with curved edges and fluid shapes (there are no harsh angles in the range), Civic encourages people to gather round; it’s collaboration without hierarchy.

A round Civic Table with a black marble top.

Eclectic material expression

While visual harmony is at the heart of Civic, this is coupled with a desire to celebrate the diversity of each client and celebrate the diversity of styles across many spaces. Civic pushes the boundaries of finishes through the introduction of lino, marble, and soft-touch surfaces. These premium finishes paired with a slim profile edge can elevate a simple table to one that enhances where people work and meet.

A large oval Civic Table with a walnut surface accompanied by 7 black leather Taper chairs.

From modest to mighty

With Civic, style isn’t compromised by an increase in scale. From small café tables to conference tables for up to 16 people, Civic’s elegant base and sophisticated table tops maintain the same form and function in any size, allowing the same range to be used in any environment.


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An oak top Civic Table with a gray Saiba office chair, viewed from above.

Design Story

Gives harmony, elegance, and coherence to a space.

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