Designed by Gabriel Tan

Cyclade Tables

Cyclade Tables, family with ebony, walnut, and marble tops.

Sculpted form, playful nature

Each table in the Cyclade family is distinctive, with organic curves that work just as well intertwined as they do apart. They can nest together, creating a trio of tables with different heights and purposes. Separately, their varied forms shine—balancing smooth, curved edges and intriguing negative space. Arrange and rearrange, with elements found nearby, based on the needs of a particular space.


A line drawing - Cyclade Table–Glass Bowl

Cyclade Table–Glass Bowl

  • Height: 133mm
  • Width: 267mm
A line drawing - Cyclade Table–Low

Cyclade Table–Low

  • Height: 279mm–283mm
  • Width: 734mm
  • Depth: 1041mm
A line drawing - Cyclade Table–Mid

Cyclade Table–Mid

  • Height: 340mm–343mm
  • Width: 531mm–533mm
  • Depth: 521mm–531mm
A line drawing - Cyclade Table–Tall

Cyclade Table–Tall

  • Height: 401mm
  • Width: 671mm
  • Depth: 391mm


Introducing the Luva Modular Sofa and Cyclade Tables, designed for Herman Miller by Gabriel Tan

Meet designer Gabriel Tan, at his home and studio in Portugal. Learn more about his debut collection for Herman Miller, Luva Modular Sofa Group and Cyclade Tables.

Product Designer Gabriel Tan

Gabriel Tan

Designer Gabriel Tan designed Cyclade—Greek for “encircling islands”—at his studio in Porto. He was inspired by the form of Pangea, with islands coming together and flowing apart seamlessly. Much like these islands, the shape of the three tables features smooth curves, notched openings, and pass-throughs. The negative space is as carefully considered—even celebrated—as the main design. The result is a sculptural beauty just right for the heart of a living space.

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