Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables

A white Motia Sit-to-Stand Table, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Healthy habits within reach

With Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables, a hardworking standing desk at a great value is within everyone’s reach. Motia encourages regular movement between postures to adjust to people’s work and workflow, increasing energy and productivity. Designed for quality, it’s easy to see Motia’s value and effortless integration into any setting. Scale Motia to what people need to do their best work— and you’re giving them healthy options, at a great value.

Red privacy screens separate two white Motia Sit-to-Stand Tables facing each other at seated and standing heights.

Take Charge of Your Health

Research shows that most Americans are sedentary for around 21 hours a day—and this lifestyle can lead to a higher risk of many diseases. We weren’t designed to stay in one position—our bodies were made to move regularly. Motia helps people put an emphasis on healthy habits in the workplace while making it easier to change positions throughout the day.

Standing desk, Motia Sit-to-Stand Table, with a white top, metallic silver base, surface-attached privacy screen, desk lamp, and a Tu Wood pedestal.

Make Quality a Priority

Motia has all the quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from our tables, with an extensive warranty to back it up and at a value that feels good. There’s no need to sacrifice durability, with Motia’s electric lift that can handle up to 250 pounds. And it’s designed to integrate with any workplace, with minimal assembly required.

A Motia height-adjustable workstation with a white desktop, gray surface-attached privacy screen, and a digital display mounted to a monitor arm.

Tailor Workspaces to Your People

Motia gives you the option to add value to your office’s needs, in whatever way works for you. That’s why you can scale these height-adjustable desks up or down with options for undersurface cable management, surface shapes, suspended storage, and screens. And Motia tables are compatible with monitor arms, keyboard supports, CPU Holders, and screens, allowing people to customize their desks to fit their needs.