Designed by Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub

Striad Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Blue low-back Striad Lounge Chair with black four-star base, viewed at an angle.

Designed in layers for a premium experience of comfort

A group of Striad Lounge Chairs with matching Otomans in a variety of heights and upholstery textiles.

Striad Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Inspired by the construction of high-performance ski boots, Stuttgart-based designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub designed the Striad Lounge Chair and Ottoman in layers to deliver a premium experience of comfort. The outermost layer, a rigid shell, is merged with an inner shell constructed of a natural fibre composite material, which is then fully upholstered. Individually upholstered dual-density foam cushions form the third layer, resulting in an optimal combination of firm support and supple, pliable comfort.

Offered in low-, mid- or high-back versions, each with a choice of a four-star auto-return base or fixed four-leg wire base, as well as several finish and upholstery options, Striad can be outfitted appropriately for a multitude of spaces.

“Function brings its own aesthetic, and that has a high outcome.”

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Product Designers Markus Jehs and Jurgen Laub