Verus Side Chairs

A black Verus Side Chair with arms and black suspension back at an angle.

Comfort and ergonomic support at an attainable price

Verus redefines what an affordable side chair can be. Stackable up to four high and engineered to assure ergonomic alignment and support, it supplies flexibility and comfort at an equally comfortable price.

An overhead view of a black Verus Side Chair next to a green Verus Side Chair.

A Flexible Family

The Verus family includes stackable side chairs, work chairs, and stools – to provide comfort for people in any environment.

A grey Verus Side Chair with no arms, viewed at an angle.

Made to Perform

Efficiently designed to ensure that it works as hard as the people who use it, Verus is manufactured to our highest quality standards and backed by a 12-year, three-shift warranty.


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Meet the Family

With a full family of ergonomic work chairs, stools, and side chairs, you can use Verus throughout the workplace.

A black Verus Chair with a Triflex back and black upholstered seat, and a black Verus Stool with suspension back and a grey seat.