Designed by Tim Wallace

Abak Environments

A linear Abak Environments workstation supplemented with a round surface, privacy screen, and gray Mirra 2 office chair.

Workspaces designed for the world

Harmony and simplicity

Product Details

Adjacent workstations formed with adjustable Abak Environments desks, including a shared round surface between them.
An Abak Environments workstation featuring linear and round work surfaces.

A comprehensive workspace system

Abak Environments is a high-performance desking system capable of numerous applications anywhere in the world. It can be anything from a basic, stand-alone desk to a performance wall that support collaboration in human-centered work spaces for any culture in the world. Abak looks as smart as it works. The slender profile and translucent and reflective materials allow a consistently elegant and contemporary look throughout global facilities.

Designed for diversity

Design Story

An open Abak Environments work setting featuring gray Mirra 2 office chairs.