Made versatile

People want choice and variety in how and where they work, and in the activities they undertake. Patterns in working styles change with technological and social trends and the behaviours they create.

Versatility for any space

Layout Studio embodies the versatility these realities demand. A system of furnishings, it functions comfortably in all areas, from open-plan environments to private spaces, wherever you are, whatever your working style and whatever the task.

A private office with a Layout Studio desk perpendicular to a wall of Layout Studio overhead and base storage.
An open office featuring curved Layout Studio work surfaces with red privacy screens and white Sayl office chairs with red seats.

Individual focus

Even with the collaboration that is so much a part of working today, there remains the need for individual focus. Layout Studio has the flexibility for personal expression and comfort and the focused attention that work often requires. Desks can be tailored to different shapes and sizes. Leg heights are adjustable and work surfaces can adapt to support technological needs.

Hidden intelligence

The ability to create interiors with Layout Studio that support group work is as much due to what you don’t see as to what you do. Intelligence designed and engineered into each element, that works to perfection, permits a flexibility of expression. Arrangements that foster collaboration give people a place to connect with others for productive work.

A Layout Studio work surface with the top removed, showing power and cable management features built into the understructure.
Close view of the height-adjustment crank on a Layout Studio desk.

Global unity

When people feel connected – to each other and their organisation – they become deeply engaged contributors. In recognising the need for connecting people across the globe, we designed Layout Studio to allow local interpretations in the context of a cohesive global solution. Available across six continents, it brings harmony to workplaces, wherever they're located.

Efficient thinking

Developing a system that’s quicker to install, reconfigure and relocate requires serious thinking. Our team of engineers had to overcome significant complexities to create a simple design using fewer components; the end result reduces build time, material and cost. And we’ve made sure disassembly is easy so the system can be effectively reused

Two Layout Studio workstations with a shared work surface and brown Embody office chairs.
A linear Layout Studio work surface with the top slid open for easy access to power and data.

Environmental accreditation

For our customers, responsible business practices are a given. It’s why every component in Layout Studio has been carefully engineered to make the manufacturing process as safe and repeatable as possible. Materials can be sourced locally and manufacture can take place nearer the final destination, which reduces shipping and overall environmental impact. At the end of the product’s life, it is easy to disassemble for reuse or recycling.