Designed by Jeff Weber

Caper Multipurpose Stool

Oblique and front views of two black Caper Multipurpose Stools.

The colourful, casual way to pull up a chair

Contoured for comfort, flexible for give, and colourful enough to brighten up any room

Product Details

Profile view of a black Caper Multipurpose Stool.
Three-quarter rear view of a white Caper Multipurpose Stool.


Designed to accommodate the diversity of people and spaces

Colour Choices

As stylish as they are versatile

Four yellow Caper Multipurpose Stools with suspension seats around two standing-height round tables.

Mobile seating that is both comfortable and affordable

Design Story

Close view of the perforated back on a black Caper Multipurpose Stool.
Caper seating family: multipurpose chairs and stools, stacking chairs and stools, and a stacking chair with a tablet arm.


The Caper family of agile, stylish seating includes multipurpose chairs and stools as well as stacking chairs and stools. Mix and match chairs and stools to add practical function and a pop of colour to any space.