Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Lino Stool

Two light grey Lino Stools with adjustable sacral lumbar support, viewed from the side and from the back at an angle.

At the nexus of comfort and value

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, Lino brings scientifically backed comfort and a wide range of aesthetic options to your workplace or home. At Herman Miller, we think everyone should enjoy good design and comfort while they work, and the Lino Stool helps make that possibility a reality.


Line art of a Lino Stool, viewed from the front at an angle.

Depth: 400.05 mm
Width: 698.5 mm
Height: 1181.1–1428.75 mm

Product Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

“The true nature of what serves us on a daily basis is far more varied than we might have imagined.”

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