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Betwixt Stools

A walnut counter-height Betwixt Stool with a black frame.

A mixed-material stool that finds strength from the ground up

The Betwixt Stool was a logical progression of Studioilse’s Betwixt Chair concept, which explores the use of mixed materials – metal, wood, upholstery, even composite cork – to create something for use in multiple settings. The stool extends the chair’s robust steel frame – and with it, the chair’s straight-lined silhouette – to bar- or counter-heights.

A close-up of a Betwixt Chair with cork seat and backrest and a glacier frame.

Choose Responsibly

Every design decision Studioilse makes is guided by sustainability. The cork option makes for an environmentally responsible stool with a differentiating visual aesthetic, one that naturally feels softer and warmer than solid wood.

An oak Betwixt Stool next to a walnut Betwixt Stool with a black frame.

Shape Shift

As part of its distinctive profile, the stool’s back legs are wide from one angle but thin from the other, creating two distinct profiles depending on your perspective.

A bar-height Betwixt Stool with oak seat and backrest with a grey frame.

Family Traits

Used on its own or together with the Betwixt Chair and Bench, the Betwixt Stool achieves a sense of warmth, welcome and character wherever it is used.


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