Designed by EOOS

Crosshatch Stool

Upper portion of a Crosshatch Stool with a medium wood finish, viewed from the front.

A study in the inherent beauty of wood

Crosshatch Stool with a light wood finish, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

Crosshatch Stool

Designed by Vienna-based EOOS Studio, the graceful lines and rounded edges of the Crosshatch stool highlight the inherent beauty of wood. With just a hint of a backrest, the seat provides an inviting perch. The backrest doubles as a handle, making it easy to grasp and move around this lightweight stool.

Part of the Crosshatch family of seating, Crosshatch stools share an approach to joinery common to other Crosshatch seating designs. The angled supports that form the base of the seat on the Crosshatch lounge chair and Crosshatch side chair create a functional footrest for the stool.

“For us, design is a poetic discipline.”

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