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    Keyboard Supports

    Product Story

    Engineered to work as hard as you do, our keyboard supports attach to the underside of a work surface to position your keying surface at the proper height and angle for your body. A wide range of height and tilt adjustments ensure healthy placement for people and furniture of all sizes. Mechanisms extend out when you need to type and store neatly under the work surface when not in use.

    Keyboard Supports

    An Important Part of Working Healthy

    Adjusting your keyboard to the ideal height and angle helps you get the most ergonomic benefit out of your chair, work surface, and monitor support. By allowing your body to maintain a neutral, healthy posture, keyboard supports enable you to work more comfortably with less shoulder, neck, and wrist strain.

    Keyboard Supports

    Unlimited Applications, Unrivaled Adjustability

    We offer a variety of keyboard solutions to accommodate virtually any sitting or standing application and a variety of price points. All solutions can be adjusted to the proper ergonomic height and tilt to fit your needs.

    Keyboard Supports

    Ergonomic Accessories

    Used with our keyboard solutions, these accessories can help you maintain healthy, comfortable positions while typing.

    • Palm Rests: Keep your wrists at a healthy ergonomic angle while using a keyboard.
    • Flex-Edge Input Platform: Support your hands, wrists, and forearms while using keyboards in deep corner applications.