Nurses Stations

To set caregivers up for success in their fast-paced work, create well-designed team environments with different areas for a wide range of roles, tasks, and activities, from charting to collaborating to connecting with families.

A caregiver environment with a Commend Nurses Station boundary wall and interior team zone defined by surface-to-ceiling glass.
A caregiver team environment with a white and wood laminate prefab Commend Nurses Station, Verus Chairs, Renew Link, and Renew Sit-to-Stand Tables.

Anticipate a Mix of Activities

Caregivers constantly switch between patient care, administrative tasks, and information sharing. They need dedicated places that empower their multi-tasking and help them be efficient. A mix of work areas within the team environment should support a range of interactions—from conversations with families to collaboration with teammates—should be equipped with technology and ergonomic features so caregivers can deliver focused, patient-centered care.

A Renew Link work bench with four workstations on each side and Mirra 2 office chairs.

Renew Link standing desks enable different work activities.
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A care team environment with an Ethospace Nurses Station, two Sayl office chairs, and Ollin monitor arms with dual monitors.

Be Ready to Rethink

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, and organizations must constantly retool their processes to make sure they’re providing satisfactory patient experiences. At the front line of care, nurses stations must be flexible to accommodate evolving technologies and modified workflows. Use adaptable workstations that are ready to reconfigure as team environments change and technologies evolve.

An Ethospace Nurses Station in a light wood finish with transaction surface and ADA peninsula surface in white, a Verus Side Chair in blue, and Sayl Chairs in blue.

Ethospace Nurses Stations adapt to change.
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An interior view of a prefab Commend Nurses Station with a white work surface, white Corian transaction surfaces, Verus Chairs, and monitor stands.

Give Back to Caregivers

To center and ground nurses during critical, fast-paced work, they need spaces that enhance their well-being and boost morale. Aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic design helps nurses feel happy, healthy, and invested in their teams. Build a caregiver environment that revolves around caregivers and incorporates human touches that help them feel valued and empowered at work.

An interior view of a Commend Nurses Station with a white work surface, gray tackable fabric panels, dark blue Verus Chairs,  monitors, and Ubi Work Tools.

Commend Nurses Stations create supportive team environments.
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