Gray Sayl chair with gray fabric seat at a Canvas Office Landscape individual workstation. Select to go to our individual workstations page.


Bring people together while they work on their own

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Private Office

Find your focus

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A private office with an orange Eames Aluminum Group chair and Canvas Office Landscape storage. Select to go to our private offices page.


Surfaces for long-term residents and temporary tenants

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A Distil Desk, viewed from an angle. Select to go to our desks page.

Collaborative Furniture

For places where ideas are free to play

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An open collaborative space with gray Mirra 2 Stools and Exclave table. Select to go to our collaborative furniture page.


Take a stand for movement

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A Renew Link sit-to-stand benching system with gray divider screens and Aeron chairs. Select to go to our height-adjustable products page.


Get the whole team working together

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A bright work environment with six orange Mirra 2 office chairs on either side of a shared, rectangular Canvas Beam surface. Select to go to our benching page.