Plex Lounge Furniture

Made up of just six elements, the Plex family flexes on demand.
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Product Story

The most effective workplaces offer a variety of settings to support the many ways people work today. Plex Lounge Furniture is ideal for organizations that want to give people more options for working across the entire office landscape, while also keeping them comfortable and supported. Each element of this modular system can be used alone or combined in settings where people can focus on individual work, brainstorm with a group, or socialize with colleagues.

Provides Comfort for Work

Plex brings the comfort of a residential environment to the workplace. Club chairs and sofas are sized to support people of all shapes and statures. The chair’s sculptured back allows people to vary their postures to suit the task at hand—from having conversations to catching up on emails.

Human-Centered Design

Plex features ergonomic details, including suspension seat technology and lumbar support. These design considerations make sitting a pleasure, whether a person needs to sit for a few minutes or a few hours. Work tables, fixed- or adjustable-height, nest closely with Plex seats, so people can easily adapt them to the task at hand. Power ports, available in standard outlets or in combination with USB, provide easy access for charging technology tools.

Offers Privacy

When a person requires a high degree of privacy for more focused work, Plex accommodates. The club chair's headrest forms a visual boundary that helps eliminate distractions. When the chair is equipped with a swivel base, a person can turn away from a group sitting nearby or back to them for conversations, with the chair always returning to its original position. Combine the chair with freestanding screens, and the arrangement becomes a Haven Setting for working without distractions, or a place to unwind away from the action.

Flexes on Demand

The Plex family is made up of just six elements—each with an identical base—that can be combined to create everything from armchairs and sofas to ottomans and benches. This base, along with the chair’s compact footprint, simplifies space planning and allows for greater density in a workplace. A choice of legs, casters, and swivel bases makes Plex even more flexible, letting people change arrangements as needed. This flexibility is ideal for educational environments like student unions, libraries, and workshops.

Celebrates Choice

The versatile, modular design of Plex extends to its material choices. Express a casual aesthetic with Plex’s signature denim offering. Match textile on the seat and back to create a monochromatic look. Or mix textiles between seat and back to create a two-tone effect. Nearly unlimited upholstery options allow for an appearance to meet any style, durability, or cost requirement.

Plex Lounge Furniture


From armchairs and sofas to ottomans, benches, and tables, the Plex family of modular furniture gives people supportive comfort for work in a variety of settings. A design that uses just a few parts to form many seating combinations, Plex has the ability to adapt as needs change.

Design Story

Aspiring to Simplicity

Herman Miller approached Sam Hecht and Kim Colin of London-based Industrial Facility with a detailed set of requirements for a new lounge seating solution. The need was for a design that could provide individual comfort while giving interior planners a versatile, modular solution for commercial spaces. Hecht and Colin responded with Plex Lounge Furniture, a simple, adaptive design that’s appropriate for the variety of ways we work and live today and the environments where those activities occur. “We believe that simple is better,” Colin says. “Why would anyone aspire to complexity?”

A Question of Balance

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin design products that reflect a meticulous attention to detail marked by their thoughtful consideration of context. Hecht is a native Londoner, educated as an industrial designer, contemplative, and drawn to essential simplicity. Colin is a Californian, trained as an architect, effusive, and drawn to use the sensibilities of her discipline—emotion, scale, landscape, culture—to inform design. This macro/micro balance is beautifully evident in the design of Plex Lounge Furniture.