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Avive Table Collection

Product Story

The Avive table collection helps bring a workspace to life. Mobile and agile, these freestanding tables, table desks, and table extensions can be used in workstations instead of panel-hung work surfaces and to create community spaces outside workstations. Wherever they are, they help cost-conscious companies keep pace with the demands of work and change.

Avive Table Collection

Add Flexibility to Systems

We designed the Avive table collection to integrate nicely with our Ethospace, Resolve, Prospects, Vivo, and Action Office components. Because they're freestanding, Avive table desks can move right into panel-based workstations. They can be positioned off-module to increase planning options and simplify change. Reconfiguring Avive desks is easier and takes less time because you don't have to disturb the panels.

Avive Table Collection

Adaptable Freestanding Use

Avive table desks and tables can stand on their own in private offices, open plan, team areas, or other totally freestanding environments. They allow off-module planning and a full range of configurations. Push them together for impromptu meetings, conferencing, and collaboration; they also work well as work surface extensions and in project rooms.

Avive Table Collection

A Complete Line

Table desks, table extensions, and tables are offered on casters or glides, pin-height adjustable or fixed height, and in a variety of finishes to help you meet aesthetic and functional needs. Components come in numerous shapes and sizes-rectangular, concave rectangular, bean-shaped, curvilinear, round, and teardrop. Table desks can serve as primary work surfaces and are the heart of the Avive collection. Table extensions connect to primary surfaces to create a wide variety of configurations. Tables are for small meetings and collaboration.

Avive Table Collection

Clean, Contemporary Design

Avive is a cohesive line with a consistent, unified aesthetic. The straightforward, honest design emphasizes function, flexibility, and affordability. All Avive products have crisp lines and simple understructures; curvilinear surfaces have an organic, contemporary look.

Surfaces are available in squared-edge laminate, contoured-edge laminate, Formcoat, and squared-edge veneer, including a selection of premium Geiger veneers. A broad color and finish palette complements the Herman Miller systems palette and offers a cohesive look for an entire facility.

Avive Table Collection

Long-Term Value

Cost effective. Adapts to different users and applications; reconfigures easily and economically. Low risk because your initial investment can be small, and you can add more components as needed.

Design Story

We have worked often with designer Jeff Weber over the past decade. Along with Bill Stumpf, Jeff designed the Embody chair and the Caper seating line. The Avive collection was his first non-seating project for Herman Miller. Weber says Avive was a response to the desire to elevate the level of flexibility within the workplace in terms of planning that would take a changing office landscape and a variety of different types of workers into account. "Freestanding furniture allows you to do this," he says. "The intent was to produce a series of work tables to be used within individual workspaces and accommodate collaboration, too.

That's the reason for the variety of shapes. The rectilinear elements relate to architecture and those were intended to be used in the midst of systems furniture. And then the rounder, softer-shaped tables were meant to be used as more of a collaborative element-either inside a workstation or at some proximity to it. Weber said he also wanted to produce a level of continuity, in terms of both materials and forms, with other Herman Miller furniture, "so we devised a base structure system that makes a coherent visual language and produces a system effect. We had intended that they be somewhat novel in form-practical and lyrical at the same time."