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Intersect Tables

Product Story

Bring your team into the fold with Intersect Tables. Made for collaboration and interaction, these freestanding tables can function as a secondary surface within a workstation, or in a shared space for creative exchange.

Fold up either side for a productive place to work or meet. Fold down to save space and store easily. Intersect Tables adapt to any need at a moment’s notice.

Intersect Tables

The Right Shape

Easy to configure, Intersect Tables are available in four shapes—all of which maintain the table’s unique folding function.

Speaking of shapes, see that cutout in the middle? Use it for managing wires so you can work without the clutter.

Intersect Tables

Made to Move

Intersect Tables are on casters so you can move them together, apart, or out of the way with ease. Each one’s instant mobility makes it ideal for offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals.

Intersect Tables

Contemporary Look

Fresh and honest. Each product has a refined and straightforward appearance.

Versatile design. Intersect works with a wide range of furniture and interiors.