Display for the “representational artifacts” of work

As much as people may dislike meetings, everyone knows that much of the real work of our age takes place during them. An increase in the number of meeting rooms is hardly surprising. Recently we asked companies what happens when they repurpose space, and 50% said they created more conference rooms.

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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) confirms the trend toward more group spaces. Its members report that while individual space has stabilized, common support space has increased on both a percentage and square-foot basis.

Meeting together lets people interact with what researchers call “representational artifacts”–anything from a model to a document to material shared on a screen. Research shows that these artifacts help team members arrive at a shared understanding about the task they need to complete.

As display screens become commonplace, they require stylish, functional, adjustable support. Our mounting solutions handle screens of all shapes and sizes. They allow wall, ceiling, and floor-standing mounts for screens in portrait or landscape orientation. They support people using display screens, whether for group work or in making a presentation, whether everyone’s present or some join by video feed.

VCALL AV Support