Contemporary comfort from naughtone

For meeting, breakout, café, and reception furniture, look no further than naughtone, one of Herman Miller's newest partners. Thanks to our complementary portfolios and philosophies, Herman Miller is proud to be able to bring you great British design on a global scale.


An ardour for excellence

The naughtone team ensures the quality and durability of their products by handling every stage of the process, from research to design to manufacture. Responding to clients’ needs, they create new furniture pieces that support how people live and work.


A focus on craft and quality

All naughtone products have an artisan, handcrafted feel and a contemporary style. By insisting on attention to craft and only the best materials, the naughtone team ensures a level of quality that is consistent and clearly evident.


An enviable client list

Stylish naughtone sofas, armchairs, tables, and chairs enliven the offices of the world’s most dynamic and innovative companies. From London’s Shoreditch start-ups, to tech giants in Silicon Valley, to booming businesses across Asia, naughtone is there.

Discover naughtone and their full range of products and design tools.

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