Nemschoff Serenity Recliner

Three-quarter view of Nemschoff Serenity Recliner.

A boon for patients and their caregivers

The Serenity Recliner, mobile and adjustable, can be positioned for ideal comfort. It does so by empowering the patient or caregiver to select from an infinite number of reclining positions within a given range. A variety of options, including reverse recline and table options, further support function and caregiver work.

Nemschoff Serenity Recliner with a cream upholstery and black arm caps, casters, and push bar in full recline position viewed from the side.

Just the right position

The back and footrest adjust independently to fine-tune the recline and foot elevation. Infinite recline positions allow patients to find the most healthful position, including lying flat for sleeping or reverse recline to elevate the feet above head level. The retractable footrest ensures an easy-to-gain standing position after getting off the chair.

Three-quarter view of Nemschoff Serenity Recliner.

Comfort made to last

The wingback style and optional headrest make the Serenity Recliner very comfortable in all its positions. Its seat and back construction is a quiet suspension system that equalizes overall support. The springs create a smooth ride to the seat with an arched design that keeps the seat taut and prevents upholstery from sagging.

Front view of Nemschoff Serenity Recliner with optional accessory table extended.

An appealing invitation to sit—and recline

With its upholstered wingback style, the Serenity Recliner captures a warm and welcoming aesthetic. Thoughtfully designed options like tailored arm cap materials, clean sewn stitching, and the ability to specify two or more upholsteries, make Serenity appear less clinical.


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