Intent Solution

An Intent Solution technology support wall unit in an ash finish with a white surface and a silver monitor arm with monitor.

Freedom to focus on the conversation

Intent combines an all-purpose table with an integrated wall system. This modular casework is an ideal tool for caregivers in exam rooms, allowing them to talk with patients and focus on the conversation, and use technology more naturally. That means a more engaging experience for everyone and an atmosphere of trust.

An exam room with Mora System casework in a dark brown finish and an Intent Solution table between a patient chair and side chair.

Improve Interactions with Patients

Because Intent is height adjustable and mobile, caregivers can use their technology without having to turn away from a patient during a consultation. This flexible design allows caregivers to create deeper, more meaningful connections with patients during appointments.

An Intent Solution technology support wall unit in an ash wood finish with an Intent Solution mobile, height-adjustable table.

Keep up with Technology

As caregivers connect to more tools and technology, Intent helps them stay focused on their patients instead of the device, while hiding cords for a streamlined design. And it’s flexible, so it can handle future technology changes with ease.

An Intent Solution height-adjustable mobile technology table with a white surface and silver base next to Mora System casework in a light wood finish and Corian surface.

Use It in Many Applications

Intent’s unique, rounded shape means that it’s multi-functional and compact in design—easily tucked away when not in use. On its own, it’s a place to work or meet with a patient. Beyond the exam room, the table can serve as a seated- or standing-height touchdown surface.

A line drawing of an Intent Solution wall unit and mobile table.


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